Rodney Hyman

Rodney Hyman has been a valuer for over 40 years. He and his team have been valuing billions of dollars of assets every year for what seems like decades. Rodney sold his business to Aon Valuation Solutions in 2014 and having completed his post sale contract, is now practising as Valuation Counsel specialising as an expert witness and providing valuations to legal practitioners, government and major infrastructure owners. Rodney now has the time to be at the “coal face” directly involved in valuations for his clients.

The things that Rodney enjoyed most over his career were challenging assignments, (and therefore) expert witness reports (and court appearances on occasion), education (he has been an occasional lecturer at the University of Western Sydney for more than 10 years) and valuation theory and standards (he was a member of the Australian Valuation Standards Board for 5 years).

Have you ever had to find a valuer for a …

  • Seaweed Harvester
  • Power Station
  • Venetian Glass Chandelier
  • $1m of heat affected collectable wine
  • 5 year retrospective value of ~10,000 household assets destroyed in a fire
  • Sewerage Treatment Plant
  • 7 year retrospective value of mining equipment stolen in the Central African Republic
  • Art Gallery
  • 7 year retrospective rental value of machinery and equipment destroyed by fire
  • Museum
  • 5 year retrospective value of logging plant and equipment in a remote location in WA
  • Dragline that cost $75m to transport and assemble

If you did, Rodney Hyman can value it!