Family Law Property Settlement

One of the most harrowing experiences in divorce is dividing the property between the parties. You may agree to the split of the property or the court may make an order but how do you know if you will receive the fair value of your allocation of the assets?

In the Family Court and the Federal Circuit Court, the parties are generally required to jointly appoint a single expert. It is essential that this expert be knowledgeable in all classes of assets and be completely impartial. Rodney Hyman and his team having been carrying out valuations for Family Law Property Settlement for more than 25 years. With a team of more than 20 specialist valuers with expertise in everything from fine jewellery to household contents, fine art and collectables not to mention machinery and equipment Rodney can guarantee a knowledgeable and impartial valuation of just about anything you can name (except real estate).

Some of the amazing things we have valued for Family Law Property Settlement are as diverse as:

  • Superman Comic No 1
  • A collection of 20,000 bottles of wine
  • Collections of Fine Art (incidentally our team has valued the contents both the NSW Art Gallery and the Museum of Modern Art, Sydney among many major galleries)
  • Vintage Cars and Aircraft (by the way, our team has valued the contents of the Powerhouse Museum twice)
  • Fine Jewellery including a 16ct Diamond Ring
  • Untold numbers of both regular motor vehicles as well as prestige cars such as Porsche, Rolls Royce, Ferrari, etc.
  • Sporting Memorabilia