Telecommunications Assets

Rodney Hyman’s team has been valuing “telco” assets starting with the now defunct OneTel network in 2000. We think it is fair to say that we have more experience in asset valuations in this sector than all other valuers in Australia combined. Valuations have included everything from the major national mobile phone networks to state networks as well as a major national landline network and numerous specialised dark and lit networks, some intra-city and some inter-city.
Our most recent experience is the valuation of a series of subdivisional and high-rise broadband networks across both the east and west coasts.
Asset schedules in this sector range up to 1,000,000 lines of assets. Our usual brief is a valuation for tax and/or accounting. We have carried out accounting valuations compliant both to IFRS and different international GAAP requirements. Valuations for taxation under Australian Tax rules are regularly required both the formation and dissolution of joint ventures within the Australian landscape.